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We supply and distribute a range of established and highly respected safety manufacturers brands, including liferafts, inflatable and inherently buoyant lifejackets, buoyancy aids, safety lines, safety harnesses, immersion suits , wetsuits, throw lines, EEBD, breathing apparatus and the whole selection of related accessories.

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Yachting wear

Molo Vecchio Marine Supply deals with selected clothing brands to provide the best technical and durable wear to customize with your yacht logo. We’ve also developed excellent partnerships with dedicated manufacturers to supply yachts with quality Crew uniforms.

We also have a wide range of best quality brands related to personal wear accessories which are largely used by Crews for their day-to-day commitments…with style!

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Deck Equipment, Mooring, Rigging

Understanding the needs of yacht owners and the captains to feel safe while moored or at the anchor, keeping high quality and style standards as does their yacht, we selected a series of ropes and fenders brands that ensure the best levels.

At the same time at Molo Vecchio Marine Supply  we take care of owners and their guests fun time by offering a wide range of water sport, recreation products as well as best quality and price-effective tenders.

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Marine Electronics, Navigation

Thanks to long standing relationships with reliable and renowned suppliers operating in both commercial and yachting industries and their teams of experts, we are able to deliver complete solutions and services  to the yachting industry with the supply and installation of equipment for Navigation and Communication to fulfil our customer’s expectations.

We support mariners for their safe navigation with the full range of Charts and Publications,  Digital Data and Electronic Equipments.

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Molo Vecchio Marine Supply has many years of experience and strong partnership with the leading manufacturers in the engineering field to satisfy the needs of any engine spare parts and everyday consumables, offering one of the most extensive products catalogue in the marine supply industry worldwide.

Our department is dedicated to sourcing and supplying even the most hard to find items with professionalism and pricing knowledge.

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Cleaning & Care

Molo Vecchio Marine Supply has a thorough knowledge of Crew needs in matter of deck supplies. Working closely along with deck hands, bosuns to captains we have established a complete catalogue of specific products of well-known and reliable brands of the yachting industry, always available in stock in large quantities in our stores.

From deck maintenance to care products, we provide Customers with the right solution for their day-by-day works.

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Paints & Accessories

From paints to varnishes to accessories we have in stock a vast range of necessary products to maintain and restore your yacht.

Long-time of experience and a well-established relationship with the most reliable brands in the market, give us the proper tools to support and help our Customers to find the best way to carry out their works.

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We supply major brands at competitive prices within the yachting industry, either they are stain removers or air cleaners. We are continually searching the market for products that best suit the needs of our clients.

We can also arrange bespoke stationery, branded note books and letter head.

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